Lady With Missing Limb Tries To Fist Bump 1-Yr-Old Boy Never Anticipating Boy’s Response To Make Her Weep

Wanting to belong is part of being human. Despite all of our differences, it is still important for us to have a connection at some level to other people.

This is possibly the reason why one boy from Orlando felt the need to hug a 34-year-old lady who is practically a stranger when he saw that they had something in common. And, he simply could not let the moment pass without making a connection.

During one of the events sponsored by The Lucky Fin Project, a non-profit organization conducting meet-ups for people with limb differences, little Joseph Tidd wanted to say good-bye to everyone before heading home with his parents. As he was going around saying his “good-byes”, he was slightly taken aback when he found a lady who had exactly the same limb abnormality as his. Joseph was missing his left arm while the stranger was missing her right.

Amy Siesel, a Mom from Mexico, also has one undeveloped arm which was a result of unexpected side effects when her mother drank some medicine to avoid sickness while she was pregnant with her. Seeing that the little boy was about to come her way, she lifted her affected limb and motioned for the boy to fist bump.

Though he is just a year old, little Joseph seems to have connected the dots quickly as he realized that they had something special in common. In the end, he ended up hugging Amy who was overwhelmed with emotions because of the boy’s gesture.

She even held him for much longer, basking in the beautiful connection they instantly felt for each other. The young boy was very at ease while Amy was truly touched that at such a young age, little Joseph knew that he was not alone.

As Amy was holding Joseph, she made their affected limbs touch as if doing a fist bump. Young Joseph was evidently happy and he was surely enjoying the company of his new found friend. Born with a condition called Symbrachydactyly, it was unfortunate that little Joseph’s left arm was not fully developed when he was still in his mother’s womb.

This was probably a hard thing to accept at first but his parents, Colleen and Miles, were not discouraged. Instead, they supported the Lucky Fin Project so their son will know that there are others in the world just like him and that he is as special as anyone with normally developed limbs.

This sweet boy’s heartwarming reaction is simply something that you cannot miss out on!


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