She Stands Up In Food Court Talking Loudly On Cell Phone Moments Later Dozens Of Voices Emerge

Around Christmas time, people enjoy hearing festive music filling public places. You can turn on almost any radio station or enter any retail store and you can count on hearing some Christmas music.

A group of singers from the Pennsylvania All-State Chorus wanted to celebrate the holiday, but with a slightly different approach. They weren’t holding a concert, and they weren’t even singing traditional Christmas tunes.

But that’s was made their impromptu performance completely unexpected. No one had an inkling it was about to happen!

But once it did, the ripple effect was astounding. In the Seaway Mall near Niagara Falls, a woman ate alone in the foot court.

She picked up her cell phone and started talking loudly when she began turning many heads. People were caught off guard initially.

During the busy shopping season, the entire food court seemed to be filled with people. But as the woman continued on, a man from across the room stood on his chair and began belting out singing.

Talk about a surprise! The familiar lines from Handel’s “Messiah” were beginning to travel across the room, when another man and woman began to sing, too.

Gradually, more and more voices chimed in. It wasn’t just surprising, it was beautiful.

As the chorus began to emerge from the crowd of shoppers, people realized just how special an occasion this was. More than 100 people make up this chorus and they were hearing one of the most familiar pieces of music from the past sung with extreme talent.

It didn’t take long for smiles to appear on everyone’s faces as they watched the singers perform with joy. The whole reason for this fantastic flash mob was to spread smiles during the holiday.

They definitely managed to do that! Their unsuspecting audience was thrilled with the surprise impromptu concert.

Everyone was initially flabbergasted once they realized what’s going on. Voices echoed off the walls of the food court.

People stopped chewing mid-bite, astounded at what they were hearing and seeing. People even whipped out their cell phones to record the magical event.

The entire experience was captured on video and shared. The response online has been incredible and the video below is fantastic to watch.

Everyone at the mall couldn’t stop smiling. See for yourself in the cheerful and heartwarming video below!